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aka OBE  Charlotte Rampling <birthname: Tessa Charlotte Rampling> † Born on 5 February 1946 in Essex, UK †


"Farewell, my lovely" (1975), "Stardust Memories" (Woody Allen, 1980), "Swimming pool" (2003), "Heading South" (Vers le Sud, 2005), "The Duchess" (2008) and out this month, "Melancholia" (2011).


• Early 1970s > She lived and had menage a troi with Bryan Southcombe, and model, Randall Laurence. She insisted she loved them both, but married Bryan Southcombe >> son: Barnaby Southcombe

• 1976 > Meets Jean-Michel Jarre. They married >> son: David Jarre >> relationship ends in 1995, when he has an affair with younger woman (nothing new here).

• Today > engaged to Jean-Noël Tassez since 1998.

^ in "Stardust Memories" with Woody Allen.


"European films were what it was about for me - the sensations I needed, the depth, the storytelling, the characters, the directors, and the freedom that you can't really find in American films."

"One of the reasons I don't see eye to eye with Women's Lib is that women have it all on a plate if only they knew it. They don't have to be pretty either. "

• "I did that film just so I could kiss Robert Redford." ( talking about "Spy Game")

     ^ photo by Bryan Adams

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