• Back with a capital 'B' •

>> Salutations enthusiasts of cyber-space 'MARINA'.comThe blog is back >> The cogs are oiled and the engines are purring ready to furnish your imaginations and visual diaries once again, with silk oriented posts and general discrimination of any other type of fabric. We are SILK. We are MARINA.

By way of catching up with the industry, more precisely the buying side of it, we had no choice but to skip AW12. For anyone unfamiliar with the way fashion buying works, it is done a season ahead. Boutiques/shops/department stores etc buy collections/pieces from designers that they then put in their stores the following season. We are not ashamed to admit we were working more for ourselves and our own online shop, rather than for the potential buyers out there. As of SS13 this has all changed and we are right on schedule for the whole world and its cosmos, and it feels great!

MARINA is now back to take you on our pleasure trip of silk in all it's glory. Here is a little run though of what we've been up to: marina london update ss13 silk

1. We dreamt up a 1930s colour palette. Silk is regarded as the 'precious fabric', the most marvellous son-of-a-fibre you know, how could you not marry the 'Golden Age' and it together?!

2. The colours are so delicious that you need to strip back the lines of the clothes, bring the romance of freesia yellow, mauve and heather to your minimalist structure. Strip it back. Remember the female body. Make it strong with the silhouette, soft with the colour. Our SS13 is all about three things: sportswear, practicality and romance = sports luxe; the best of both worlds. This is an homage to the tomboy in all of us.

3.  Our 'ROSE' top is aptly named after the lovely Rose Thomas (aka. 'The Londoner'), who is a girl that can take you on the most wonderful food trips around London, as well as cook up some real treats. She's pretty awesome. This one is in freesia yellow and has been one of our most popular styles for this coming summer.

4. The 'VIRGIN' shirts are back and holding pole position as favourites. We have tweaked the fit even more and now they also have a sleeve. I had quite a few requests for a short sleeve version for the 'non-upper-arm-lovers' out there! Ask and you shall receive.

5. Bringing you our freesia silk satin. It's sleek and slinky just like the 1930s. Sandwiched between our stickers it looks like oozing gold from a burst pipeline. Which again, is something quite compelling; boring and not-boring in one. Boring. What a word. Bored. Doesn't have quite the same ring. Ok.

6. The 'CARO' tee is our signature piece that we will have for season on end in as many colours as we can afford to bring you. It fits without looking bulky in the front and we embroider the tees with our infinity knot logo very discreetly on the nape of the neck, in the same colour as the fabric. A bit like a kiss on your neck. Kinda tickly,  you want to slap the person, but at the same time you are totally in love.

• SS13 will be available to buy in mid-March on our online store, at 'MERCHANT ARCHIVE' in Notting Hill and in 'KJs LAUNDRY' on Kings Road for all you London birds. Alternatively it's 'CURVE' Boutique in NY & LA. Take your pick....