• bah! haberdashery •

Haberdashery to me has always sounded like balderdashery or blabababaery or hubbabubbahry. I know it is a proper word, but it is quite easy to bully it. Other words like 'law', probably give it a hard time. I went to "Barnett Lawson Trimmings" and "Kleins" today, not too far from Oxford Street, and haberdashered about the place. BLTrimmings, unlike a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich), is a little treasure cove for all trimmings, ribbons tassels etc, and "Kleins" is just full of most things related to putting a piece of clothing together. Even a zip.

Here is some haberdashery for you guys:

...the very cool looking, but never as quite as useful: tassels ...gorgeous fabric flowers with a raw edge on soft tulle. Nearly bought them.Then I ejected the idea and cost out of my head. phew. ...these aren't little robots with hooped heads and small...extensions. You can use them for finishing rope/cord so it can be made into a belt or whatever you may wish. Quite similar to the buckle of the rope belt that goes with the "Krassi" dress, except that our belt buckle is better. duh....lastly a few woven strips with funky aztec-y patterns in great colours. Did you know that chewing gum is an Aztec invention made out of the sapodilla tree? Sorry. Just saying.

Haberdasheries are fun. Even though they have a silly name, they have a great personality.                                                                                                   If you are in need of some bits and bobs, like I was today, go to:

"Barnett Lawson Trimmings" -  16-17, Little Portland Street W1W 8NE • 0207 636 8591


"Kleins"  -  5, Noel Street W1F 8GD • 0207 437 6162