• Dazed & Confused, as usual •

Dazed & Confused are doing a retrospective at Somerset house.


YES to that piece of news!

Thank you Jefferson Hack and Emma Reeves-in-collaboration-with-Somerset-House! What a great way to get our visual juices flowing. We went to see this big-dealio-of an exposition and loved every page that was carefully pulled out of out-of-date, but very up-in-importance issue of Dazed.

Dazed & Confused was launched in 1991, by Jefferson Hack and Mr i-am-awesome Rankin (yes, you are) as a creative and emotional platform for the anti-commercialist, be it artist, designer, actor or cool-kid-in-town. It was raw. Raw in purity, not only aggression. All its content was original; the subjects and editorial, they catered for the ever-growing sub-culture that had come out of a rage against the machine that was largely political, but also social.

Keeping with the times, it is uncanny that this fantastic exhibition and 10 year celebration is so well timed with our own student riots, ten years on. Boiling point.

We are bubbling and we need to get the steam to hit a sweet-spot. Maybe that sweet-spot is the thing you love doing.

Hit it. "Make it up as you go along"

...and also if you have the time go to see this fabulous and FREE (yep, £0.00) celebration of visual genius that has inspired a whole generation.

"20 Years of Dazed & Confused Magazine" Somerset House until 29th January 2012

x merci