I have just visited our new factory in Bulgaria to arrange our future ss13 production.The quality of finish, machinery and cleanliness in the factory is incredible.

Seeing the organisation and the workmanship in the factory made me realise how important it is to keep the industry going in Europe. Whilst many companies may go East for production for better prices, this neglects the talent & capacity for growth, both economically and in terms of craftsmanship, in our own continent. This is a subject that is very close to our heart.

Below are some images from the great trip & the future guarantee for the high-end quality finish that our silk pieces require and deserve.

Marina London in BulgariaThis is where large scale production takes place.

Marina London in Bulgaria & this is where we will be producing our pieces; in a smaller room, where attention to detail and top quality is key.

Marina London in BulgariaA fantastic machine that turns, sorts the buttons and then spits them out, for them to be sown directly onto shirts in seconds.

Marina London in BulgariaThis is the winner. As of ss13 we will be making a delicate embroidered logo at the nape of the neck, on every piece we make. This machine can simultaneously embroider on six separate pieces, in 12 colours!

Marina London in Bulgaria Finally, this in the 'packing room' where all finished pieces are folded to perfection and shipped out to us & then to you, our customers!