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19. INTRODUCING † RUMI † Rumi is 49. She is wearing the grey Virgin shirt, a coat from Sophia Kokosalaki, trousers from Dolce & Gabbana and shoes from KG by Kurt Geiger. Her sharp, grey look is completed with sunglasses from Cutler and Gross, bangles; all from St Tropez, a timeless watch from Longines and silver rings from Graff.

Rumi is a rather stunning TV Producer whose projects usually evolve around documentaries. Her most recent indulgence was seeing two great films; "The Iron Lady" and "The Lady" about two different women, in two sides of the world, both with one intense, overriding passion; Margaret Thatcher and Aung San Suu Kyi - Burma's heroic pro-democracy leader. We shot her in Chelsea. She is a Blackberry girl.

Rumi1 wearing Virgin shirt from Marina London silksRumi1 wearing Virgin shirt from Marina London silksRumi wearing Virgin shirt from Marina London silks

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