• I wear MARINA •

20. INTRODUCING † ALICE † Alice is 26. She is wearing the popular Virgin shirt in white, with a cute, short-knit from American Apparel and skinny jeans from Burberry. We LOVE her super cool Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and Christian Louboutin studded sneakers. She is rocking a vintage baby Rolex, earrings from Stephen Webster and her family signet ring.

Ali works at the Burberry headquarters in London, and the rest of the time she collages her visual journeys in the world of fashion on her growing blog - -> "Style StreetStalker". There you will find a collection of adventures, street-style posts and reports on events/parties that she attends. The new year focus for her blog is profiling emerging fashion and jewellery designers - watch this space! We shot her in Chelsea. She is an iPhone girl.

Alice wearing Marina London silksAlice wearing Marina London silksAlice wearing Marina London silks merci x