- Our SUMMER SAMPLE SALE | 22nd July '14 -

Finally, we got around to putting up the pictures from our SUMMER SAMPLE SALE on 22nd July, with fellow designers - - BLAKE LDN (knitwear) - YOLKE (womenswear) - LEIVANKASH (jewellery) - POPS (champagne popsicles)

It was a beautiful summer's day & along with the sun, we had a brilliant turnout of customers that came all the way down to Kings Road, to shop &  have some delicious Champagne popsicles.

To everyone that came - thank you! It was such a wonderful day & because of the positive response, we are already planning another in the same location for you in November. In the meantime here are a few photos from the day - oh wouldn't it be nice if the sun was still shining like that!?

Come on English summer - don't do this to us! sss1





pops yolke leviankash



All photography by Ellen Nevrokopska -