• Steaming with MARINA - The BLAKE Shirt •


We present you the first video of the series 'Steaming with Marina', made especially to show how to have crease free silks, down to every little detail & all that in less time than it takes to choose the right shoes to match your outfit.

Our first video shows you 12 essential steps on how to steam the BLAKE Shirt perfectly.

1. Set the iron at the right temperature (do not be afraid to set it on high, but on the lowest steamer setting).

2. Make sure the shirt is unbuttoned.

3. It is important to always iron the shirt inside out & to always keep the iron moving continuously.

4. The first part of the shirt to press is the collar.

5. Then we continue with the shoulders.

6. After that, we steam the whole sleeve, while paying attention to the under arm seam & the cuff.

7. Once we are ready with the sleeves, we continue with the front and the back of the shirt.

8. Let’s start with the left front part of the shirt - it is important to steam the hem & the button stand well.

9. It might be more comfortable for you to use your other hand and gently pull the hem while steaming, so you could make the lines sharper.

10. The back of the shirt is easy - all you need to do is to steam the yoke and make sure there are no creases all the way down.

11. Finally, we do the front right side of the shirt - so repeat step 8 above.

12. ...and ta-da - your BLAKE shirt is ready!