• The perfect silk tee •

YES. You guessed it - it's made by MARINA. Unlike many brands that try to do silk tees and simply copy the exact patterns of a cotton t-shirt, we have made small tweaks that are in no way worthy of a prize, but good enough to make you happy that you've bought a silk tee that fits pretty well and will last more than most love affairs do.

The t-shirt in question has two side panels that are barely noticed, but totally needed to give a fabric, such as silk, a good fit. This makes sure that you don't get that slightly saggy look around the bust, which is only good if you are...

- no. It's just not very good.MARINA London t-shirt tee ss13 On the nape of the neck is our infinity knot logo made in the same colour as the silk, so it is very neat. After asking quite a few people for verdicts, it was pretty clear that our girls and women wanted something that was subtle, but made you feel like you had bought something special. A personal touch is something that works so well with silk and especially with the simple shape of a tee. The logo prevailed.

This is just a little reminder for what's to come out in mid-March on our online shop. The perfect silk tee in all our seasonal colours - UGH! Rain go away!

MARINA London t-shirt tee ss13x