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One sunny day last week I asked my mother to style the RUMI dress in two different ways and for me to shoot her. She took up the challenge and then some. The RUMI dress is named after her, so this was a way for me to dedicate a post to her. Here we walked to the beautiful flower stand on Fulham Road (arguably the best flower stand in London), where she bought flowers and wore the dress elegantly cinched at the waist. A man walked past, stared and said "WOW" twice  - this was a good sign. RUMI9-web RUMI4-web MARINALondon RUMI dress MARINALondon RUMI dress

MARINALondon RUMI dress

For the second look she wanted to go for a more casual feel with the dress loose,  a pair of slip-on kicks & our silk TRUCKER CAP. This second look looks cool and super effortless. Which do you prefer?

MARINALondon RUMI dress MARINALondon RUMI dressMARINALondon RUMI dress

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