• What would Coco say...? •


'I am against Fashion that doesn't last, i cannot accept that you throw your clothes away just because it's Spring. I love clothes, because like books i can feel them, touch them."  - Coco Chanel

Hang on...

...let's do that. Pause fashion for just a bit. Do what comes natural. Do we really run around everyday stressing out about why our hair hasn't been adapted to Nicky Clark's favourite colour palette this autumn? erm .no.

The way we make choices on what we wear is similar. It's more about changing up the styling with your favourite pieces.

Anyways, trends are there so that magazines can sell and in turn designers sell mountains of clothes per season, it's not about what we really want. I guess Coco wants to say is; lets take it easy, design a few good quality things and let our gorgeous personal quirks take over. Do we need cascading hills of seasonal trends in our lives, not really girls.

Dancing on a moonlit rooftop with a loose silk top, the outline of our feline, female body on its tiptoes, hands swaying in time with the music. The smell of oak and sound of our wispy hair in the warm wind. Easy.

Thank you Coco for the great logic, and thank you Lauren for sharing it with us x

merci x


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